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Latest Update: 2nd January, 2024
Hello to a brand-new site. Ported off of Livejournal architecture, adjusting things here and there. There are going to be a lot of broken links around the site as I haven't finished porting everything honestly, but recent change to the API on Livejournal makes it impossible for me to link to it via a redirect as I had been for all these years. Please bear with me as this is a long process and I've been recoding the site since 2022 between work and health. Everything on the old site is still accessible directly on Livejournal in the interim.

Currently Working On:
Porting prior pages over in full, decommissioning the original LJ archive of viperhazard. Rephotographing everything thanks to a new set up for photos:

Newest Items:
BIOHAZARD Dual Shock Supported Series 'BIOHAZARD 2 Dual Shock Ver.' Exclusive Retailer Sample ROM [DP05]
Real Shock Action Figure G Type 2 Dark Version 1999 [MD01]

ご覧になっている日本の方へ いらっしゃいませ! 私はバイパーハザードの管理者「クレア」申します。 私はバイオハザードのコレクターとプレーヤーよ!1998年からバイオコレクターの趣味を楽しんでいます。クレア・レッドフィールドが大好きなキャラです。バイオハザード2が一番好きなゲームですよ。このサイトにあるコレクションでも他国のバイオハザードグッズを見ることができますので、楽しめるとうれしく思います!

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