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I felt it necessary to actually section these releases off on their own. e-Capcom releases, collector's editions, compilations: they'll all be here. Being such a long-lived series, there have been quite a few releases that are cross platform or cross generational, owing to anniversary sets and the likes, and all of those releases being in one place for sake of coherence makes for a significantly less headache inducing time with cataloguing on the individual console pages.

Things like general limited sets, things that maybe just come with a special slip jacket or a case, will still be on their console release pages. This is for the Big Boys of special editions, ala the recent big collector chests for the Biohazard RE series of releases or the e-Capcom exclusives, that usually include a heap of extras beyond just the games.

If you'd like to find a specific item quickly, please click on the code issued by the item name in the index.

[SR01] Biohazard 5th Anniversary Special Package 'Nightmare Returns'
[SR00] Biohazard 5 e-Capcom Special Edition
[SR00] BIOHAZARD 15th Anniversary BOX
[SR00] Biohazard HD Remaster e-Capcom Complete Edition
[SR00] Biohazard 0 HD Remaster e-Capcom Limited Edition
[SR00] Biohazard Limited Box
[SR00] BIOHAZARD RE:2 e-Capcom Premium Edition
[SR00] Resident Evil 3 Collector's Edition




Title: Biohazard 5th Anniversary Special Package 'Nightmare Returns' (バイオハザード5周年記念スペシャルパッケージ「ナイトメア・リターンズ」)
Catalogue: SLPM-86770~3
Released: 22/03/2001
Retail: 28,000円
Region: NTSC-J
Scans: Case | Case Fold-Out | Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4

07699/10000 -- the limited number my case has. Never thought I'd get a chance to own this, and yet here we are. Scored this via trawling Yahoo Japan during new years and the big clean outs that often happen as a result of the new year, and all due to the fact it has a small hole in the handle that can easily be epoxy resin filled/painted/sanded it came to me at under $100.

Complete. We're talking with the dog tags, with the pen, the ring, the keychain. All of it. The 5th Anniversary case special logo involves a G-Type eye surrounded by a crow; I'm incredibly biased to this design for multiple reasons, but it just genuinely looks so cool.

In the bottom half of the case there is a special game case with new press release of Biohazard 1 through 3, along with two free slots for additional games, and also includes a copy of CODE:Veronica Complete. The discs are specially printed with 'Biohazard 5th Anniversary' on their internal ring, and are numbered disc 1 through 4 for all three games. The discs also come with brand new manuals, reprinted on thick stock in a non-gloss format. Gorgeous.




Title: BIOHAZARD 15th Anniversary BOX (バイオハザード イーカプコン限定15周年ボックス)
Catalogue: SLPM-87420~3
Released: 08/09/2011
Retail: 7,800円
Region: NTSC-J
Scans: Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4

An e-Capcom exclusive, this special anniversary release came packed with a lot given it comes in at under $80. This came with a copy of the Revival Selection - a PS3 HD upscale of both Biohazard CODE:Veronica and Biohazard 4, a set of anniversary pins and stickers, physical press copies of Biohazard 1 Director's Cut through to Biohazard 3, two mini soundtracks for CODE:Veronica and Biohazard 4, and a space to slot a PS3 copy of Biohazard 5.

Kind of surreal that we had brand new, yes, brand new Playstation discs were minted and pressed in 2011. They're not re-issues either -- they have brand new catalogue numbers and all. The box also came with new manuals printed for them too; not as nice as the manuals from the 5th Anniversary release but still nice of them to do them.