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Essentially a place to collate things that I'm hunting for, either actively or passively. Eventually, this will more than likely become a catalogue of things still missing from my grasp. There are a few items I just physically cannot import such as the airsoft replicas, for lack of a weapons license and strict import regulations in Australia, but I still place here simply for the chance that I might one day fit the bill to pull them all in.

If you see any of these items about the web for sale, please feel free to contact me via email ([at], on twitter (@viperhazard), or by leaving a comment here. I appreciate any crumbs brushed my way, as you never know what could pop up.

連絡先メアド:[@] -- ありがとうございます!

[W01] Grail
[W02] Games
[W03] Media
[W04] Figures
[W05] Apparel
[W06] Other

Grail [



Title(s): Biohazard CODE: Veronica Dreamcast Limited Box S.T.A.R.S. Ver.
Media Type: Games - Hardware
Publisher: SEGA
Released: 2000
Priority: GRAIL ★

There were only 200 marked releases of the S.T.A.R.S. version of the CODE:Veronica Dreamcast models. It's arguably the rarer of the releases for that sheer number alone, and thus it is pretty contested whenever one comes up for sale on the market. It'd be incredbily nice to have both versions, further completing the 5th Anniversary items in my collection.

Title(s): 13/Thirteen
Media Type: Books - Doujinshi
Publisher: B-STING
Released: 1998-2005
Priority: GRAIL(S) ★

Still desperately seeking 13/Thirteen.

B-STING are my top favourite circle for Biohazard doujin and these books just seem to have been really limited in their print. Also on the wanted list is Guns, Phenomenon, and Metamophosis, the earliest releases by B-Sting, even though they were collated into EXTRA GUNS, but they are a low priority.

Games [



Title: Biohazard Special Edition (バイオハザード特別版)
Released: 2002
System: Gamecube
Region: NTSC-J
Priority: Very High

A pre-release special demo for the remake. Want for both cataloguing version differences/unused or changed assets but also finishing my GC collection in full.

Media [



Title: Biohazard 3 Last Escape Promotional Version (バイオハザード3ラストエスケープ プロモーション版)
Catalog: SLPM 80485
Released: 1999
System: Playstation
Region: NTSC-J
Priority: Very High

Last one I saw for sale went for over $500. Biohazard 3 fans are scarier than CV fans. Would love to get for cataloguing and archiving the beta images on it.

Figures [



Title: Real Shock Action Figure Mystery Colour Version(s) (リアルショックアクションフィギュアミステリーカラーバーション)
Catalog: N/A
Released: 2000 onwards
Priority: Very High

These two silver variants are the last two MCV verions I need for the Moby Dick series.

Apparel [



Title: Biohazard Limited Watches (バイオハザード腕時計)
Catalog: GSX100UMB-1 through GSX216, and anything between
Released: 1999 onwards
Priority: Low

Eventually would be nice to have a couple of the GSX watches as they are gorgeous. Especially some of the character specific ones.

Other [